Sunday, May 6, 2012

Others who are in da moood

I just wanted to add a little something to my previous post.....

While I was thinking of my playlist and what would be on it, I sought out the help of some friends who I knew would also have some good suggestions and who I also knew would not be surprised or bothered by my imagined video montages.  

First, I inquired of my friend, Sasha (*see my post, 'You Got Toilet Paper Down There'), what her sexual playlist is.  As most of my songs were also some of her songs, she did have a few goodies to add.

Crazy Bitch (Buck Cherry) - This is totally a 'Sasha' song.  Sasha is neither crazy, nor a bitch (well, not unless she purposely wants to be; like most women), but......I would venture to say that some of her lovers have woken up after a night with her - hungover, clothes half-ripped off, covered in love bites/scratches......still tied to their beds, and thought, "OMG - did I dream that?" 

Get Off (Prince) - '23 positions in a one night stand'......'let a man be a woman and a woman be a man'....
Enough said.

You can Leave Your Hat On (Joe Cocker) - I actually share a fond memory of this song with Sasha.  It was the night I met 'ET man' (*See previous post about the ET song by Katy Perry).  Any ways, we had met him and his friends at a bar and after closing time, everyone went back to someone's house to continue the party.  Sasha turned on the stereo that was in the living room and that song was on.  Since we like this song, we started being kind of silly and dancing and acting like we were really holding a hat and putting it on.....(ladies, you know what I'm talking about).  Now, we weren't like doing a full on production of this or anything; just a few little moves - just being silly - and really not thinking anyone was even paying attention.  

Wrong.  It was like a roomful of crickets.

We look around and all these guys (who just seconds ago were drinking and burping and trying to decide who did in fact have the biggest johnson) are just staring at us.....saying they thought that at any moment we might really start taking everything off.  It was like they couldn't believe their luck and didn't want to say anything and jinx it.  It was funny and a little uncomfortable actually.

Put Your Hands On Me (Joss Stone) - this is what Sasha is rocking to at the moment.  She is recently single and currently in the process of reconnecting with an old flame.  I told her I want a full report later.

Next, my friend - who is also the photographer of the upcoming booty shoot- sent me her list.  And she had some really, really good ones that I had forgotten all about.  Some them were:

Crash (Dave Matthews)
Closer (Nine Inch Nails)

Wicked Games (Chris Issak) - Man - oh - holy - hell, if you ever seen the video to this than you can totally understand why I'm not sure who I'm more attracted to; Chris Issak or Helena Christensen.  Or......maybe both at the same time?

Crazy (Aerosmith) - For this song, my friend (the photographer) said this: 
"I can't listen to Steven Tyler's twangy "c'mere baby" without picturing myself strutting across a room in a trench coat, with nothing underneath.  And then I put myself in that Liv Tyler/Alicia Silverstone set up, where Liv is dancing around a stripper pole.  I was, so early junior high, but I STILL remember that video and it's first in my mind when I think of a sexy playlist."

Lastly, my friend, "Anastasia" gave me "T-Shirt and My Panties On" by Adina Howard.  

My friend suggested this song to me over the phone.  She suggested it to me over the phone, while I was at work and editing a very important document for my boss.  Because I am so busy and haven't a moment to spare, I wrote the name of this song down on a teeny tiny blue post-it.  Guess what else I put all over teeny tiny blue post-its?  Yep, all of the corrections/notes that I saw on that very important document for my boss. And guess exactly which teeny tiny blue post-it was nowhere to be found when it was time to leave (after I had hand delivered that document to my boss)?  Yep, on that very important document - among suggestions like, 'need more information on supervision here' and 'maybe take out this paragraph' was Anastasia's suggestion of, 'T-Shirt and My Panties on'.  Hand-delivered to my 40-something year old male boss, who is also a physician.

I grabbed  my stuff and was prepared to actually tackle my boss to the floor so I could get the document back and remove the post-it.  Luckily right before I clothes-lined him, a tiny scrap of paper fluttered to the floor.  It was in fact the very blue post-it I was looking for.  I had forgotten that I had put in on the back of my phone - so I knew I would be sure to take it home.  Phew!!!!!!

Who knew making a playlist could be so dangerous?

I wasn't really worried that if my boss had seen the post-it that I would be fired.  In fact, I could probably tell my boss exactly why I wrote that down and he wouldn't be mad.  Embarrassed definitely, but not mad.

I guess what I was really worried about is that he would ask to see my playlist and then say something like, "Yeah, those are all good songs, but have you thought about these........."

Wish me luck today! 

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